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3 ways to keep your kids hydrated this summer

Summer is here and it’s officially getting HOT HOT HOT outside. This time of year means more kids are spending more time running, jumping and playing outside, and it also means we as parents have to be even more on top of keeping our kids hydrated. The right amount of water is crucial for both children and adults because it […]


Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Baby-Led Weaning

Baby-led weaning – I bet you hear this phrase at least once a day in your life as a new or soon-to-be parent! “Baby-Led Weaning” seems to be a trendy new catch-phrase in parenting groups articles, but it’s actually not a new concept at all! So what exactly is baby-led weaning? And is it the best way to feed a baby anyways? Find […]


Let’s talk about “Clean Eating”

Everyone seems to be talking about “eating clean.” I hear about it from clients, from advertising, and across social media platforms. But what does “eating clean” actually mean? And if you aren’t eating “clean” is the implication is that what you’re eating is “dirty”? As a Dietitian, I’m always respectful of people’s beliefs and their desire to eat in a […]


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