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Meet Nishta Saxena

Child Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian

I’m Nishta Saxena. You can call me Nish. I’m a mom to two vibrant children who are the inspiration behind my business. Years ago, while pushing my eldest in his stroller, I was stopped by cooing strangers who wanted a look at my baby. They commented on how cute and vibrant he was. That was the start of Vibrant Nutrition. 

As a registered dietitian and family nutritionist, I wanted to share the confidence I had about feeding my baby with families who were struggling. I want all families to feel vibrant and healthy.

I love distilling science-based nutrition research into practical tips that the public can easily incorporate into their lives. I’m a food and nutrition expert with CTV Your Morning and appear regularly on The Marilyn Denis Show. I have also contributed to CTV Your Morning and

I completed my clinical dietetic internship at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, and my MSc in Clinical Nutrition Science at the University of Toronto, where I have a faculty appointment in the Department of Family and Community Medicine.

The Vibrant Nutrition philosophy

We know that parents want to feel less stress about feeding their families. The problem is that we live busy, stressful lives. This makes sitting around a table for warm, family meals difficult. Add easy access to fast food, an increase in food allergies and an overwhelming amount of information online and parents are left feeling fearful and powerless.

We believe that everyone deserves to eat well and feel good about the food they eat. We understand how hard it is to worry about your children’s growth and nutrition. We know how frustrating it is to prepare food that just ends up in the trash. That’s why we use science to make nutrition simple and fun. 

Here's how it works

Book a consultation and speak with Nishta Saxena about the best plan for you. Stop stressing over food and start truly enjoying every meal with your family.


The title Registered Dietitian (RD) is provincially regulated, and protected by law. In order to use this title, a person must meet specific educational and professional requirements.

The title nutritionist, on the other hand, is not protected, which means that technically anyone could call themselves a nutritionist, as there are no specific requirements that must be met in order to do so.

A Registered Dietitian is a health professional who is accountable to provincial regulatory bodies for their services and conduct. They have completed a university degree in foods and nutrition from an accredited institution, they have worked at least 1250 hours in supervised practical training. They have passed an exam to become a registered health professional and are required to complete ongoing professional development and they are held to a rigorous professional code of ethics.

When you choose a Registered Dietitian over a nutritionist you know that you will receive evidence-based solutions from someone who has spent a lot of time mastering the specialized science behind nutrition and the food we eat.

I am an expert in paediatric nutrition, chronic disease management, weight and cholesterol regulation, and cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes prevention.

I specialize in helping families through all stages of nutrition, including starting solids for babies, child growth and development and family meal planning. I have helped many clients find practical, evidence-based solutions for common issues like food allergies, weight loss or weight gain, and eating disorders.

I take a holistic, nutrition-for-real-life approach to help people reach their nutritional needs in affordable, fun, easy ways.

While OHIP does not cover the cost of seeing Registered Dietitians or Nutritionists working in private practice, many private insurance/benefits plans offer full or partial coverage. For instance, if a single one-hour appointment costs $160, your insurance may cover $120, meaning that your investment in your child’s health is only $40. Meal plans, resources and time-based research and development of family nutrition plans may not be covered by insurance.

To find out if your plan covers the cost of services provided by Vibrant Nutrition, contact your insurance provider. Nishta Saxena is both a registered dietitian and nutritionist, so check your coverage for both services.

I understand that sometimes life is too busy for a one-on-one in-person appointment, and that’s why we offer Skype or telephone consults and home visits within certain areas.

To find out if I make home visits to your region or area, please email me at:

Yes, I offer a variety of workshops on an ongoing basis, including parent-specific workshops like the popular “Feeding Your Baby” and “Feeding Your Child” workshops.

I would love to hear from you!  You can reach me by email at:

Individual Nutrition Coaching

Private, personalized and powerful. Vibrant Nutrition’s individual nutrition coaching gets you the one-on-one attention and support you and your family need to flourish.

Group Nutrition Coaching

Six weeks to empowered eating for the whole family. Learn the skills and gain the confidence you need to feed your family—on your own time. 

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