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Private, personalized and powerful.

Vibrant Nutrition’s individual nutrition coaching gets you the one-on-one attention and support you and your family need to flourish.

Are complex dietary needs or health issues making eating a struggle for you or your family?

While many Vibrant Nutrition clients find success in our Group Nutrition Coaching, some issues require a personalized approach. Our individual coaching packages are for people or families with complex nutritional needs. This may include allergies, medical or behavioural conditions, or mental health conditions related to food and eating. All individual packages include a comprehensive nutritional assessment and review of health conditions by Registered Dietitian Nishta Saxena.

Take control of your family’s nutrition:


Family Fearless Feeding Solution

You feel frustrated and anxious about your family’s nutrition.

You’re exhausted and overwhelmed by your child’s picking eating.

Worrying about what your kids will eat each day consumes your thoughts.

Complex health or dietary restrictions are making your life hell.

You feel like a failure who is letting your family down.

You’re not a failure and you’re not alone. You’re a good parent, and with the right support, it can be easy to solve your family’s feeding problems.


Fearless Feeding Solution

You feel confused about what, how and when to feed your child.

You worry that your child is becoming a picky eater and don’t know what to do about it.

You dread mealtimes and hate fighting over food.

Complex health or dietary restrictions are making your life hell.

You feel like a terrible parent because you don’t know how to feed your child.

You are not a terrible parent. Worrying shows just how much you care. With clarity and support, you can become the confident parent you aspire to be. 


Rapid Nutrition Solution

If you have extended insurance benefits and are looking to have dietitian services covered, this is the package for you. 

Do you have nutrition questions you’re tired of Googling?

Do you know you need help but don’t know where to start?

Want a package that’s covered by your health insurance?

Frustrated by ongoing nutritional and health problems?

Do you need personalized support to address your specific dietary challenges?

Vibrant Nutrition offers long-term solutions and will help you create a customized plan that is easy to implement so you feel confident and hopeful about your health.

This single session with a registered dietitian from the Vibrant Nutrition team will deliver answers to your questions and guide you in the right direction.


Group Nutrition Coaching

Six weeks to empowered eating for the whole family. Learn the skills and gain the confidence you need to feed your family—on your own time.

Are you worried about what, how and when to feed your children?

Take advantage of Nishta Saxena’s extensive knowledge and experience at a fraction of the cost of her individual packages.

Vibrant Nutrition’s group nutrition coaching helps families through uncomplicated nutrition and dietary struggles.

Nishta will clear up confusion, bust feeding myths and help you feel in control of your family’s nutrition.

Family Fearless Feeding Solution

Feel confident about your health while supporting your family’s nutrition. Save time by making meals that everyone will eat. Get the confidence you need to feed your family—complex issues and all—without fear.

The Family Fearless Feeding Solution includes comprehensive expert nutritional advice and three months of appointments, plus in-depth assessments for every member of your family (school-aged kids; up to four family members living together). This package helps resolve individual issues while providing meal and nutrition plans that work together for the whole family.



Fearless Feeding Solution

Family and child nutritionist Nishta Saxena provides an expert, empathetic ear. She will dispel myths, clear up confusion and come up with an easy-to-follow plan so you feel empowered to support your child’s nutritional needs.

Whether you are starting solids, feeding a busy (picky!) toddler or a raging school-ager, we’ve got you covered with this hands-on nutrition care package. We solve your every feeding issue from family dynamics to recipes to meal plans to help you optimize your child’s diet. 


This package also includes:

Rapid Nutrition Solution

If you have extended insurance benefits and are looking to have dietitian services covered, this is the package for you.*

Are you struggling with nutrition but not sure what kind of support you need? During this session, an expert registered dietitian from the Vibrant Nutrition team will answer your questions and determine what kind of support may help you.

This isn’t a service you can find widely these days, and after many months of asking, Nishta has committed to providing a team that can help support your needs fully. This session is mostly, if not 100%, covered by most extended insurance plans**. 

Need more clarity or support after your call? Our dietitian can create personalized recipes and meal plans to suit your family’s needs


Who the Rapid Nutrition Solution is NOT for:

*Nutrition assessment and coaching for this package apply to a single person (not suitable for families). 

** We can’t offer guarantees on insurance coverage—please check with your coverage with your provider before booking— and we do not offer direct billing at this time.

Angela Vibrant Nutrition

Need Full Insurance Coverage?

Hi I’m Angela! I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and I am passionate about empowering others to achieve their health goals and find more joy in food. I am a huge cooking and nature enthusiast, eating to heal our bodies and the earth at the same time is important to me. I help clients improve their relationship with food through making better connections with what they eat, their own bodies, and surroundings. 

I’ve been working behind the scenes at Vibrant Nutrition since 2017 writing and developing resources to make nutrition and food information more accessible. I just completed my Masters’ of Public Health where I focused on developing evidence-based programs to empower clients to take charge of their health. As a Registered Dietitian, I’m ready to work with you… to really listen to YOU. To help you create personal strategies and solutions to your health problems. Together we can get you back-on-track, improve any chronic disease symptoms, and make buying, prepping and eating food a more joyful, stress-free process. Book with me today and start let’s work together on your healing!

Insurance Disclaimer: Vibrant Nutrition nor our providers are responsible for recuperation of fees for appointments from insurance providers. It is the sole duty of the client to determine appt rates and coverage details BEFORE the time of booking. Vibrant Nutrition cannot aid in any form with insurance claims. Our receipts are issued following our governing College Practice Guidelines. 

Vibrant Individual One and Done

Get the answers you need to understand and feel confident about your health and nutrition. No longer feel overwhelmed by too much information or conflicting ideas about nutrition.

Nutritionist Nishta Saxena will guide you through customized solutions to your specific dietary needs. Find the answers, clarity and resources you need to lead a nutritionally fulfilling life.


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