Need healthy snack ideas?


These are Nishta’s top picks to help you live your and your family live a healthy, vibrant life!

Nishta loves to help her clients find snacks and support of all kinds. For years she has recommended her favourite products, searching for pics and packages during consultations….but now you can find everything she recommends all in one place!

  • The best products to help with feeding issues by type and use
  • The most whole Ingredients (while being easy to purchase)
  • As budget-friendly as possible for families when food costs are at an all-time high
  • Nutritional benefits; things that have at least 2 to 3 nutritional wins!
  • Foods you can feel good about giving your kids (NO “GUILT”)
  • Foods you can share with your kids
  • Foods and products that make family life easy, reducing stress
  • Less colours and additives and emulsifiers whenever possible

*Her picks are NOT based on sponsorships; they are based on her expertise and her opinion as a working mother! She personally uses many of the products she recommend with her own family!


You know every parents worst nightmare: what to give your kids for snacks that you can easily offer without cooking! 

Food Tools

These are items that can help with encouraging independent feeding for kids, reducing picky eating behaviours, lowering stress at mealtimes for the whole family .


 Supplements should be used only when indicated, not randomly! Please check with your health provider before starting
any new supplement

Meal Plans

Meal plans that are customized and easy to help you get started on the visuals of how eating for optimal health looks.

P.S. it’s different for everyone


Click your meal type to reveal meal plans

Food Tools

Supplements - Infants and Toddlers

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